Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hobby: Tyrannofex Painted

This guy has been my only hobby project since getting back from the honeymoon.  I was sick of looking at his ugly self in my batreps so I decided to grind it out.  It probably took 15 hours to paint more or less but I paint slow and watch tv.  I'm not doing the base until I have several other models ready so I can base them all at the same time.  Hope you like it!

This is the same Tfex from my conversion tutorial.  I added crushing claws on the front side to act as stabilizers to counter the immense weight of the rupture cannon barrel. 

The model is primed chaos black.  The green is Metallic Emerald Green by folkArt.  The black is Metallic Sequin Black (also folkArt as is every paint used).

I tried something new and drybrushed over the black with Metallic Blue Sapphire, then mixed in white and continued building up the highlights.  Same process as I used with metallic purple on my genestealers.  My new concept is to use different metallics over the black portions to designate different functions within the hive fleet.  For instance monstrous creatures or shooty bugs will have metallic blue highlights and close combat or infantry bugs will have metallic purple highlights.  They all will have metallic green carapaces and dominantly black bodies, but slight color differences in the highlights.  Perhaps differing biological elements cause light to reflect differently off each organism. 

Plus, this new army scheme should earn brownie points in painting portions of tournament scoring.  This particular model used 5 different colors, 6 after I complete the base.  Overall, I'm pretty happy with it.  The greenstuff blending is a little sloppy, but my second Tfex is looking a lot cleaner.  I just need more of those trygon headplates to finish modelling it and paint it up.
Now, it's back to the genestealers.  I need to do some little guys that are faster to paint.  All the surface area on these MC's make them tedious work.


  1. Wow, I think this is the best T-Fex I have seen on the blogs to date! I took a look at your gallery too and I have to say your Nids look Beautiful!

  2. As the previous post says great looking model and army. Reading some of your old posts and realizing the types of paints you use just makes the end result seem that much more amazing to me. I love the color scheme of your fleet!

    I haven't put much thought into adding tfex to my fleet yet but if/when I do I just make take some pointer from what you have put together here. They do look fantastic in photos and on the battle field from what I have seen in your reports!

  3. He's awesome, 'nuff said. The Swarm looks great.

    I paint slow, as well, usually while listening to music or putting on something I've seen before.
    Otherwise I sit and watch, holding the same model the whole time.

  4. That looks awesome man! I've been doing a lot of work on my Nids too!

  5. Wow that's a very impressive paint job and the model is just gorgeous!

  6. Very nice. I like the over the back rupture cannon a lot.


  7. Looks great, just like all your other models. The blue drybrushed over the black looks freaking sweet and I like the idea of different colors on different types of units. It really adds another dynamic to your paint scheme, similar to adding squad markings. There are lots of possibilities with adding those colors like coloring each unit differently, using different colors for each FoC slot, or simply adding more colors and categories to your army than the two you are currently considering. I would be interested in seeing how the main green color of the carapace looks drybrushed over all the black parts of the carapace and body.

    My co-blogger M4XVLTG3 was considering something similar where he would paint the eyes of his necrons different colors depending on what FoC slot they were in. Something more subtle like what you did might be an even better idea.

  8. I like the idea of each FoC having it's own highlight color. The only issue is sometimes I use tervigons as HQ and sometimes as troops. That's my main conflict there.

  9. Looks amazing.

    I took your approach with making the RC on the top of the back.

    I thought I had did something different by using claws for the forward legs as I had never noticed that on your models before. Now I see That you do and I was like... well now. >:0)

    I like your a lot good sir.

    My RC is much more slender. You style of green/black alternating is beautiful on your army.


  10. @hyv3mynd
    That's a good point. I'm not used to a codex that can play games with FoC slots like some of the newer ones. Maybe one color for MCs, one for basic infantry (gaunts, stealers), and one for more elite infantry (warriors, raveners, etc.)

    It's a great concept with lots of options to explore.

  11. I'm stealing this idea; very, very cool - Brent

  12. Go nutz man. I'm not sure if you mean the different color per unit concept or the Tfex conversion, but go to town with either. Imitation is the highest form of flattery right?