Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Model Showcase: Convergence of Cyriss

     It's certainly been a while since my last blog post, so I figure that my first post back after almost a year should include some of the things that have pulled me out of my hobby malaise.

     First up are a few Warmachine models from the Convergence of Cyriss range. I used to play Hordes in the Mark I days, but got out of it when I moved to NY from MI. Locally, both in Horseheads and Rochester, Warmachine/Hordes has picked up quite a bit of steam. Millennium hosted a tournament that drew over 25 attendees, and Buffalo recently hosted a Food Machine event that was specifically recognized by Privateer Press for the most cans donated (Great job!). I’m slowly getting back into it.

     Of all the things that have been exciting me to hobby, bases have engaged me the most. Weird, right? I’ve been experimenting with a laser engraver at a local maker space in Ithaca, NY. Each of the models here have a base with a laser etched insert. These were my first shot at it, and I was aiming for a Greco-Roman style. Since I made these, I’ve already though of new ideas to try. I think my next generation of ideas will be more steampunk-like. 

Check out more of the models & bases below the fold. 

     My only gripe with these Warmachine models has been the placement of mold lines. Several times, across models, mold lines have gone right up through a gear. Luckily, many of those lines are on the underside of the model, but still.

      Mold line aside, the aesthetic of the models has grown on me. I've already picked up another Heavy crab jack (like the one above) and started to magnetize it.

     I'm currently working on a few other Convergence models, but I have a large cache of Necrons that are awaiting my attention. The new Cron dex has rejuvenated some of my interest in the hobby, so let's see where that takes me.

Take it easy,



  1. Looking good. My buddy is just starting his Convergence force and I think these pics will give him some extra motivation. I love the bases. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Because the warmachine community is smaller (and the painting community within is smaller still), I found that it was hard to find motivational paint schemes. I'm glad to hear that someone might use these as inspiration. Thanks for the reply

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