Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Da Boyz GT Photos

The Da Boyz GT was held this past weekend at the Bristol Harbor Inn located in the scenic Finger Lakes region of Western NY. As always, their events draw in a large crowd with some of the top players from around the US and Canada. With over a 100 players for 40k and around 60 for Fantasy, it was a great weekend for gaming, drinking, seeing old friends, and making new ones. So let's cut to the chase and show off some pictures I took during the weekend.

Picture of half of the hall where the 40k side was held.
The view of Canandaigua Lake outside of the resort and gaming hall. 

Finally, a group shot of our gaming club, The Grand Strategery...
Front row from left: Sinistermind, Hyv3mynd, Crimthann
Back row from left: Crispy, Grubnards, Calypso2ts


  1. Great photos! Looked like a blast! Thanks for taking the time to snap and share them! (I know there isn't much time at tourneys!)

  2. We should get a high school laser background for club pictures.

  3. Bills gaming stance is priceless!