Saturday, July 5, 2014

ParkHammer 2014 Recap

ParkHammer 2014 was held last weekend in Watkins Glen State Park and it went great. The weather was perfect and plenty of people showed up for the day with a ton of food, beverages, and of course, plenty of delicious chocolate courtesy of hvy3mynd.

There were plenty of games going on throughout the day including: Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Zombicide, X-Wing and a few other card games and outdoor games such as can-jam.

Here Hyv3mynd's daemons squared off against Crispy's Crons.
A game of zombicide in mid-action

And of course, the 2nd annual Wizard Staff competition. Last year, Nogle took the Grand Wizard spot (See above pic of Nogle in his wizard hat) so he got to dictate the rules for this year's event.

 For those of you who have never heard of Wizard Staff the basic premise is that as you finish your beer you start to duct tape your next full can of beer onto the top of the existing empty cans. Once a player reaches 10 cans high they become the Grand Wizard. As soon as another person reaches a 10 can staff then they must challenge the Grand Wizard to a duel (basically beating each other with their staffs until one breaks.) Whomever's staff stays intact become the Grand Wizard until someone else steps up to issue a challenge.

Last year's champion (Nogle) facing off against ChaosCraig.
There were many challenges throughout the afternoon and well into the evening but as they say in Highlander, there can be only one... and this years winner was ChaosCraig from the Beef n' Wing Gaming Club out of Buffalo NY.

Congrats to Craig and all of the other contestants for providing the rest of us with an afternoon of entertainment! Thanks to everyone who stopped out for the day and we hope you all had fun.

On another note, the Beef n' Wing Club out of Buffalo is holding their very first annual Beef n' Wing GT. Spots are limited to 40 players and the prize support is huge. Please check out their website at and consider attending the event. Many of the players in our club and those who run the Da Boyz GT will be attending as well so we hope to see this event kick off another great series of 40k events being held in Western NY.

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  1. Once the wizard staff reaches a certain size I am sure the wizard may enter into an involuntary slumber.