Saturday, January 4, 2014

DaCock at Millennium Invitational

Millennium Games

This is a follow up to my last post discussing the Eldar list I planned to bring to the Millennium Invitational.  If you are unfamiliar with the event, both Calypso2ts and Grubnards have posted a description along with some games.  Since that has been taken care of, I am going to jump straight into my games.

In case you forgot, or do not want to look it up, here is my list:
Farseer on Bike with the Shard of Anaris
Farseer on Bike
9 Eldar Jetbikes with 3 Shuriken Cannons
3 Eldar Jetbikes
3 Eldar Jetbikes
5 Dire Avengers in a Wave Serpent with Holo-Field.
7 Warp Spiders.
Hemlock Wraithfighter
Dark Reapers with Starswarm and Starshot Missiles in a Wave Serpent with Holo-Field
Night Spinner with Holo-field

I had issues throughout the day remembering my psychic powers. Since my powers were from the following disciplines; Divination, Telepathy, Runes of Fate, and Runes of Battle it was hard to keep track of which ones I had gotten.  On top of that, they had very different times when they could be used.  Some I had to cast them in beginning of the turn, the beginning of movement and shooting or during shooting. It was confusing and while I am used to casting blessings (beginning of the turn), the others were difficult to remember. I need to get more games in all the psychic powers and reread the psychic rules again. I not sure if it would of impacted the outcome of my games, but it would definitely make me more confident of my actions.

Game 1

Primary Mission: Kill PointsSecondary Mission: 3 Objectives. 1 in each deployment zone and 1 in the middle. The objective in your opponents end was worth 3 points, the 1 in the middle was worth 2 points, and the 1 in your end was worth 1 point.
Bonus Points: First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker.


Round one is up and I playing David K. He is from nearby city of Buffalo. (it is about 1 ½ drive). He is part of the gaming group called Beef and Wing. I have never met or played David before, but I have heard good things about him. First I heard he was a good painter (very true) and  a good player. I always love playing a good player. I always seem to learn something from them. David sure did live up to his reputation.  I did wish this was game 2 so I could get at least one game under my belt with a new list before I played him. This was my only loss of the day. I would have at least tied David on the primary had I did not fail a leadership test (from the terrify psychic power) with my big jetbike squad on the last turn. In that unit I had the warlock, 5 bikes, and 2 farseers. They all ran on my turn and that was a deal breaker. I lost too many kill points on that one roll to recover from. It was a fun game. The one funny part of the game was David thinking long and hard why did I brought the hemlock wraith fighter. I think he thought I had some secret dirty plan with it. I just brought it because it looks cool. It did live up to its reputation though...It really sucks. It showed that throughout all my games.

Picture of Game 1

Another Picture of Game 1


Game 2

Primary Mission: Big Guns Never Tire
Secondary Mission: Victory Points (who kills the most total points of unit cost)
Bonus Points: Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Line Breaker
Deployment: Vanguard

Round two had me playing Chris. We were both playing Eldar armies. He was playing all Wave Serpents and Fire Prisms. Most of his points were tied up in 3 wave serpents with each 5 man squad of Wraith Guard. Our lists were very similar, but I had more long range anti-tank fire power. The dark reapers guided should be able to take a wave serpent down a turn. I also got the physic power fortune for my Farseer so it going to hard to take out my Jetbikes.  Since the primary mission was objectives I chose to go second. . So the first 2 turns we shot each other up and with nothing really happening. Our shooting was so bad that Chris did not get first blood until his second turn.  Things started to go better fro me in turn two after Warp Spiders, Jetbikes and Wraith Knight got close enough to do some damage and I was able to pull out a win this game

Picture of Game 2
Picture of Game 2

Game Three:

Primary Mission: The Scouring
Secondary Mission: The Relic
Bonus Points: First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker
Deployment: Dawn of War.

The last game was against old school player Mike Nogle from Beef and Wing. He is old school because I played Mike back in the day when there when Games Workshops had Grand Tournaments. It was either late 90’s or early 2000’s. Either way it was early into third edition. He won that game, so every time I play him I work to avenge that loss.

Picture of Game 3

Mike was also playing Eldar with 2 Wraithknights and 2 Crimson Hunter. I told him I was playing Hemlock Wraithfighter and he laughed and asked “why in hell are you playing that piece of crap”. After that I knew we were going to have a great game. So Mike got Forewarning (4+ invaluable) and fortune (reroll saves) from his one Farser. That is going to make the Wraithknights harder to take down because of the extra protection.. I did not get fortune this game, but I did get Invisibility. I also won the rule roll to go first, but chose to go second since it was objective based mission. Sure enough it took all my shooting turns 1 and 2 (and assaulting it with my own Wraithnight) to take one down. The key factor in this game was using Invisibility on jetbikes. It was amazing. It was the only unit I had at the end of the game, but it was good enough to pull out a  win. 

Picture of Game 3

Well I went 2-1. It was a fun event. There was not much I would have done differently other then change of my army lists. Hemlock Wraithfighter did not make any unit run all day.  I also think if would got some practice games in before the event I would played better.


  1. You mentioned that your games 2 and 3 were against Eldar forces, was wondering what David K brought that you played in game 1? REALLY nice armies in the pics though...

  2. Jay, Thanks for a great game last month. If you rolled different spells in our game I know that game wouldn't have gone in my favor (ie: perfect timing would've ruined me!!).

    Maybe you'll have your revenge next weekend. If we face off you'll destroy me (hint: im playing cc tau + vespid hahaha).