Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Crossroads 2013 GT Wrap-up

     It seems like we’re in the middle of tournament season with multiple GT’s going off every month. Jay just made it back from playing in the Warmaster’s GT and that same weekend I helped run Crossroads GT. On the horizon, we still have Da Boyz (of course), Battle for Salvation (someday when the finances work out, I want to go), and the Colonial/Warstore Weekend (I've gone to the past 2 Colonial Fantasy GTs and it's been a great time). That's just in the NorthEast. 

     Getting back to Crossroads, Corey Reynolds continues to grow the event, and this year we brought in 102 players. Not too shabby for an event that’s only advertising is word of mouth. I also think Crossroads is the largest Fantasy GT outside of Adepticon.  

     Without further ado, here are the full results.

Check out the award winners and a photodump of the armies present at the event below the fold. 

Overall Champ: Rhys McDonald
2nd Overall: Josh Hankin

3rd Overall: Travis Weyforth

Best General: Matt Cassidy

Best Paint: Peyton Shipman

Player's Choice: Mike Norton

Best Sport: Roy Biederman


  1. Looked like an awesome time and as always, a lot of nice looking armies. I'd have much rather been there than Niagara Falls and a wedding. I can't wait for next year!

    1. You don't have to wait a whole year! We have the spring break event as well.

      Also, did you see the river trolls about halfway up? Normally they're a pain in the ass to rank up, but check out how this guy did it.

    2. Yeah, I saw the river basing... You'll have to let me know when he is getting ready to announce the Spring Break event. I missed that last year.

  2. that is the best event I go to all year (yes even over adepticon). I think the fact that its so relaxed is what makes it so. Adepticon has a lot of run around and confusion and no comp. crossroads is just a nice flow with open gaming time and long breaks since its 2 days 5 rounds. and I also love the tier system.

  3. Nice pics of the Orchestra!

    - Jeff