Friday, December 7, 2012

Jungle Table 3.0

A few months ago, I told the owner of the store that hosts the monthly tournaments that I would build him a set of terrain for his store.  Here is what I came up with using some of my newly acquired tools and new techniques I've been pondering.

This set consists of 13 pieces of terrain which is enough for an average terrain density as well as 25% table coverage.

Four pieces are rocks which can serve as impassible pieces as well as block line of sight.

Two of the rocks are smaller, but still large enough to conceal a 28mm scale infantry model.  Two rocks are large enough to conceal a transport from the some angles.

Two of the pieces are water features which can also serve as area terrain.

The muddy water is a stable surface for models.

Two of the pieces are area terrain with crystal formations. 

They can serve as a 4+ cover alternative to ruins and contribute to the "alien jungle" feel.

Five pieces are jungle area terrain with removable flora clusters.  The flora clusters are weighted for stability and provide a variety of profiles which can even provide cover to large models and vehicles.

If you look closely, all of the area pieces are painted with several colors and patterns to provide the illusion of texture while maintaining a flat surface for practical gameplay.

This table was just the distraction I needed after several months of painting dark eldar.  This weekend also happens to be the local invitational tournament that finishes up our tournament season.  A perfect time to donate the set to the shop and put it to good use.

This project was so inspiring that I plan to make a few different versions of this terrain set for my personal collection.  I've also toyed with the possibility of mass producing these sets to raise some funds to continue my army projects.  I can turn these terrain sets out at a reasonable pace so I'd like to test the water and see if there is any demand for this package.  Email me at if you would like to discuss this further.

Here are some pics of the terrain on a GW mat at the last tournament.


  1. That terrain looks great! I need to ramp up how my stuff looks so it can be at that level. Great theme.

  2. Great work on the table, always nice to see another new set that can be used at Millennium.

    I like the rocks made out of spray foam. Great idea. The marbling color variation looks really nice. Keep it up man.