Sunday, April 1, 2012

Slow Week

Well, I haven't accomplished much this past week.  Gaming kills one night and writing the batrep kills another.  I'm still usually on daddy duty until 2am and these two weeks are some of the busiest of the year at work.

I felt like doing some detail work so I revisited my archon.

The lighting kinda sucks, I'm still trying to figure out the best lighting and camera settings for my camera.  I added some battle damage, changed the design on the helmet, painted in all the gems, and added some effects to the agonizer.

I also knocked out another grotesque, bringing me up to 8 finished (minus the bellies and bases).  Well, that's all I was able to do last week.  Next week is even busier for me  at work so I may not even have anything to post about.  I hope I can get back to one game a week after that though and the rest of the army should come together pretty quickly.


  1. Well you got more done than I did! So, kudos on that, they look great.

  2. I've been admiring your airbrush work for some time and wanted to ask, you mentioned you use common folk art acrylics, but what mix are you using? I've just splashed for a harder steenbeck infinity 2-1 airbrush and iwata compressor and want to achieve similar effects. Any detailed pointers would be great, I tried gw paints with golden's acrylic medium but it was very hit and miss and mostly miss.