Thursday, February 3, 2011

2k Batrep: Something New

Aric came over to my war-cave this week for a battle.  He's new to our area having just moved from NYC.  We've never played before and using a variation of my current tournament concept list created a mis-match of sorts.  Aric's army was painted and based to a very high standard, so I decided to write this batrep as a story rather than focusing on the turn-by-turn and dice results.  I tried to keep the pictures focused on my models that are painted so excuse me for my stuff not looking as nice as his.  I hope you enjoy the read as a change to my normal batreps.

Here is the table after deployment and infiltration (pitched battle annihilation).

Splinters of Imperial designation Hive Fleet Colossus had grown stronger, building biomass resources as they harvested Imperial death world Thrixion XII.  The lumbering insectoids of the jungle planet provided needed nourishment as well as genetic opportunities to incorporate stronger chitinous plating and unique sensory organs in the newly bred additions to the swarm.  The towering sky-trees shielded the resting and regenerating bio-ships from the prying eyes of those who searched for the remnants of the fleet.  The constant ion storms invigorated the synaptic relays of the growing hive and the torrential silica-rains drained directly into new digestion pools and provided new building blocks in the DNA strains.

The Hive Mind reached across the expansive universe and sensed a new opportunity on Thrixion XII.  It changed its modus operandi, commanding its organisms to rebuild and expand outward first and foremost, slowing and delaying the complete harvest of the forest planet and revelling in the new flavors of it genetic diversity.

Sensing the tingle of life in a nearby solar system, the Hive Mind dispatched a new invasion fleet to investigate and ingest.

The hive ships approached the arctic planet called Ntandr which held an abundance of hydrogen snow and carbon based flora.  Several clusters of human life were also present and the ships could smell the potent gene seed of mankind's bio-warriors from orbit.  An arctic hurricane ravaged the dark side of the planet and charged the atmosphere with such electrostatic force that purple arcs or pure energy flared out into space.  The cumbersome vessels of man orbited the day side of the planet, safe from the storm.  They did not witness the vessels of the hive fleet as they descended into the eye of the storm and began disgorging their war constructs onto the arctic plane.

Genestealers raced across the snow and ice, pausing briefly in the snow covered ruins of a previous civil war to survey the horizon.  The Hive Mind was driving the swarm on a rear approach to a human military outpost, and sensed a patrol of mankind's super soldiers.  As the storm abated, the winds calmed and snow ceased.  The swarm brought up its strongest bio-weapons behind the sulking genestealers, ready to spring an ambush.

The Hive Mind had conquered galaxies with relative ease, yet suffered grave casualties at the hands of these soldiers.  It was previously unaccustomed to the concept of caution, forced to learn and adapt not only to battlefield conditions, but to learn the emotional and rational concepts of the diverse prey in this galaxy.  It had learned the pang of humility in defeat, pain of loss, and growing importance of caution.  Mankind's champions were not to be underestimated.  Caution proved to be a wise decision again, as these marines were not oblivious to the approaching threat.

A column of armored transports sped to intercept the advancing swarm and dispensed fire teams, their searing bolts cutting into the lurking Genestealers.

Pain screamed through the swarm and arced through the synapse.  The Hive Mind diverted more of it's attention to this blooming battle, bringing up its Hive Guard, Tyrannofexes, and Tervigons to bolster the lines.  Living spears were launched through the air, finding the weak points of the transports as they had learned to do long ago.

A squad of veterans emerged from a snow drift, firing specialized ammunition filled with toxins vile by even Tyranid standards which burned through the Hive Guard's chitin and flesh, dropping several of the huge beasts.

The Hive Mind brought up Biovores amongst the massive Tervigons and Tyrannofexes, willing them to bombard the human positions with their living explosives.  Spore mines began to arc through the sky, floating through the forests and snow drifts as they reached the ground.

Now that the Tyranids were fully engaged, the cunning human warriors sprung a trap of their own.  A strike cruiser streaked through the sky in low orbit.  Massively armored elite warriors materialized on the Tyranid flanks, their guns blazed a moment later tearing through ranks of scuttling Termagants.

The swarm shifted to face the new threat, synaptic relays now ablaze with pain, rage, and hunger.  Far across the battlefield, another squad of human veterans descended from the sky on wings of fire.  Within moments of the battle beginning, the human soldiers were already striking at the heart of the swarm.

The Hive Mind sensed an ancient cunning amongst this new threat.  A champion amongst champions who's gene-seed was more potent and pure than those who accompanied him.  Here stood the commander of the human force, a foe to be wary of, but also an opportunity to cripple their offensive.

A Tervigon broke off from the main swarm and wailed as it gave birth to a sea of Termagants who raced to intercept the human commander.

Surrounded by his hand-picked veterans, these super-humans shredded the Termagants with ease, their fists sprouting long talons that crackled with energy.  Tyranid corpses piled high in the snow as the Termagants were rent asunder and tossed aside.  After a short melee, the humans turned their attention on the creature that gave birth to the swarm.

The battle now raged on all fronts.  Another Tervigon soothed the pain of the Genestealers that were scorched by bolter fire, willing them to begin healing their wounds.  Nearly two dozen of the swarm's swiftest and most deadly killers sprinted through the snow and leapt into the most heavily armed humans.  Their razor sharp claws tore flesh and peeled away armor.  Venom seeped from their long fangs, a bite bringing paralysis one moment and death the next.  One by one, the heavily armored humans fell into the snow.

On the front lines, Hive Guard continued to rain living spears on the armored transports.  Nearby, a cluster of spines pierced a walking armored behemoth, knocking it to the ground.

A scream rang out through the synaptic web as a Tervigon on the right flank was surrounded by the human commander, his cracking claws tearing into the reproductive organs of the swarm queen.

As the humans tore into the Tervigon, the Hive Mind willed the bulk of the swarm to come to its aid.  Two massive Tyrannofexes turned to face the humans and another Tervigon lumbered up, spilling forth another brood of Termagants.  As the wounded Tervigon fell to the snow lifelessly, the air turned black as the Tyrannofexes belched forth swarms of spined beetles.  Human screams filled the air, only to be silenced as clusters of spines fell from the sky into their ranks and thunderous implosions turned men inside-out.  Some tore off their armor as it became infested with fleshborer beetles.  The survivors braced themselves as towering monsters and scuttling beasts slammed into them.

The genetically enhanced men were dragged down by the Termagants and smashed into a metal and flesh jelly in the snow.  Moments later, the Tyranid swarm swiftly changed direction in unison, the threat to their core nullified.

Genestealers once again bounded across the snow plain, slamming into the human veterans that had been holding the center of the battlefield with their toxic ammunition.  The marines brought their weapons to bear and opened fire, but the swarm of Genestealers numbered too many.  Moments later, the center of the battlefield fell silent as marines laid bloody and twitching from mortal wounds and alien poisons.

Having cleared a path up the center of the snow fields, the Genestealers turned their attention on the tank that had been raining death on the swarm.

They clambered over the hull, tearing at pipes, vents, and electronics until the metal beast ceased moving and firing.

With the left flank and center of the battlefield now silent, the Hive Mind willed the swarm to the left where the remaining human soldiers were.  They had formed several firing squads that continued to bring hot death to the swarm unflinchingly despite witnessing their brethren fall.

A Tyrannofex plows into the marine position an overwhelms them with sheer bulk and monstrous strength.

Hive Guard continued raining living spears on the human positions, shredding all but one of their armored transports.  The surviving Tervigon continues to send forth waves of newly spawned Termagants to secure the battlefield.

Having lost radio contact with the rest of the interception force, the surviving marines clambered back into their armored transport and headed back to their outpost to prepare for the next wave of the assault.

The Hive Mind watched the marines withdraw through the eyes of its Tervigon and scoured the battlefield dispensing the crippled survivors with its Genestealers.  Back at the landing site of the hive ships, a glimmering tide of Rippers is sent forth.

So the harvest of Ntandr began.


  1. Very enjoyable read, both tactically and in a literary sense - and the photo angles are even illustrative. Well done!

    What are your thoughts on the biovores? I realize MEQ isn't their strength, but very curious on your opinion of their (potential) impact. It also looks like the rending shreddershards made an impressive appearance.

    Seriously rethinking dropping one of my warrior squads for a big gnarly unit of stealers. =)

  2. That was a fun read, I would though like to see army lists.

  3. My list was:
    Tyranid Prime (naked)
    Tervigon (ag, cat, cs, ts)
    Hive Guard x2
    Hive Guard x2
    Hive Guard x2
    Genestealers x18
    Genestealers x18 (ts)
    Termagants x10
    Tervigon (ag, cat, cs, ts)
    Tyrannofex (cs, ssb, rc)
    Tyrannofex (cs, ssb, rc)
    Biovores x2

    His lis from memory:
    Captain (jump pack, lc's)
    Dread (asscan)
    Tactical Terms x6(asscan)
    Sternguard x10 (a few combis) razorback
    Tac Squad (hb, flamer, fist) rhino
    Tac Squad (hb, flamer, fist) rhino
    Vanguard Vets x10 (all lc's, jump packs)

  4. The genetically enhanced men were dragged down by the Termagants and smashed into a metal and "flesh jelly" in the snow.

    That was awesome. I would love to read more like this! Bet it was pretty fun to write too :P

  5. One of the best battle reports I haver ever read. Great story, great pictures and great minis there on the battlefield.
    I like this kind of batrep much more than the usual turn by turn description.

    Please more of this!

  6. More like this will be coming in March/April. My community is ruled by comp/fluff first players. I'll probably be able to get more games in if I tone down my lists a little and use my fully painted stuff more.

    This report was a lot of fun to write and forced me to use parts of my brain that were gathering cobwebs. Aric also requested we turn this into a campaign so we will persue that.