Thursday, August 8, 2013

Crimthaan is back and he brought some Enclave friends!

After taking a few months off from playing 40k and concentrating on painting a new army and my life (who has those?!) I'm back and I'd like to share with you the fruits of my labor thus far!

Grubnard's and I killed an entire bottle of whiskey
at Park hammer...
He had a really rough morning!
First off I'd like to apologize to my fellow authors for my long absence.   After Parkhammer which was an absolute blast, I decided to really step back from playing.  The first reason is that it was the summer and I had a lot on my plate in terms of looking for a new teaching job (which I found!  SCORE!), hanging out with friends, and being active outside.  The second reason was that I had really grown bored with playing Codex Marines.  I only have the one army and I love it, but playing it exclusively really started to kill the game for me.  As such I have dedicated myself to painting my new army... the Farsight Enclaves!

When I started to paint this army I decided that while I wanted to make it look great I also didn't want to spend an ungodly amount of time on individual models.  As such I decided to go with a hard edging approach.   I think the end results are great and while it does take time, it doesn't take nearly the amount of time that layering does.   He is an example of my Salvosides in progrsss...

What I've been doing is priming my entire army with Army Builder's Dragon Red and then washing them with GW's Carroburg Crimson.  Next I do a hard edge of Wazdakka Red and another edge of Evil Sunz Scarlett over that.  It takes a lot of time to hit all of the edges, especially on Tau suits but I'm really happy with the end result.

After the Salvoside unit was up I decided to tackle the big daddy of all suits, the Riptide.  I went with the Ion Accelerator and Twin-Linked Fusion guns on him making him really nasty to just about everything in the game.  Fitted with an Early Warning Relay and Velocity Tracker he'll hopefully be swatting flyers out of the sky

Next up I made sure to get a solid start on my Tau infantry gunline.  I've added 16 Fire Warriors with a Cadre Fireblade to my army.  I really HATED the bareskin head on the Fireblade so I hacked it off and replaced it with a normal helmet from the Fire Warrior sprue.

Finally I just finished up a 7 man squad of Pathfinders.   We all know that it's Marker Lights that make the Tau army go round so I would be in serious trouble if I didn't include these guys.  Without  some of the extra armor playing that Fire Warriors have, these guys were REALLY fast to paint and I'll be trying to add another 7 ASAP.  I'm still not sure if I'll work on Rail rifles or not but who knows.

And that's it folks!  I'm working on trying to get 40 Kroot up as we speak and than I'll be tackling what REALLY makes a Farsight Enclave army...the Battlesuits!   I've got Farsight built and primed but I'm still tyring to figure out what to do with the suits.  I'm thinking I'm going to put together 6 in a configuration that I'll always play, and then magnetize the other 6 that I have.   If there are any Tau players out there with solid configuration suggestions or advice on magnetizing suits feel free to leave them in the comments!   Thanks again!


  1. Great looking guys so far. I hate doing edge highlighting, but I admit that it looks great, especially here. Nice and clean.

  2. They look great. Nice work - I love the Farsight scheme. I would be tempted to make some of the Crisis builds based off the Farsight special characters, but maybe do those from Commander kits too.

  3. Lookin real good man. They'll look slick alongside your crimson fists also.

    Let's arrange a game sometime I still haven't faced the new Tau yet. You coming out to the tournament this saturday?

  4. ewwww....salvosides. looking great man all kidding aside. that's also quite a switch in gears.....bikes to tau. Have you gotten many games in yet?

  5. My tip for suits is to magnetise all of them, particularly if you intend still be playing them in the next 40k edition or next Tau book. Going through that change I wish I had magnetised all my suits.

    Models look very nice, I'm looking forward to seeing the rest as you get them done.


  6. Thanks for all of the encouragement everyone!

    @Rathstar - That's probably the way I'm going to go even though I know I'm going to be cursing the 40k God throughout the entire process. Thanks for the tip!

    @hyv3mynd - I'm thinking about showing up tomorrow but I havne't decided on what to bring yet. I'll at least make sure to show up and hang out!

    At this point I have more than enough Tau to field a respectable allied contingent alongside my Crimson Fists. I'm hoping that having this much and also finishing off the army will really rejuvenate my love of actually PLAYING 40k.

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