Friday, May 10, 2013

Return to Nadine Prime

This past Sunday I got a chance to play an 8k point game with Grubnards, hyv3mynd, and our friend GoldenEagle.  hyv3mynd and Grubnards would be representing the forces of Chaos while GoldenEagle and I would be fighting for the Imperium.   The following is a Battle Rep for our game, with a fluff based article being written by hyv3mynd on it's way sometime soon!  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we all enjoyed playing it!

Prior to the game the four of us agreed to modify the points to reflect the narrative nature of game.   We rolled “The Scouring” as the main mission and had 4 objectives placed, each objective being worth 3 points each.  Next we decided that First Blood would be worth 1 point, Linebreaker would be worth 2 points, and each of our Warlords (Typhus and Lysander) would be worth 5 points each if killed.  Finally each side had a “relic” that would be worth 5 points if destroyed/killed.  The Khorne Lord’s Axe was considered a relic for Chaos while my Contemptor Dreadnought was considered the Imperium’s Relic.

Here are the lists each of us took...

                                                                  Forces of Disorder:


Chaos Lord w/ Sigils of Corruption, Axe of Blind Fury, Mark of Khorne, Jump Pack, COmbi-Melta
Terminators x3 w/3x Combi-Melta
Possessed x9 w/ Veterans of the Long War, Mark of Nurgle
Chaos Marines 10x  Champion w/ Powerfist, 2x Plasma, Veterans of the Long War
Chaos Marines 10x. Champion w/Power Axe, Plasma, Melta, Veteran of the Long War
            Rhino w/ Havoc Launcher
Fast Attack:
Heldrake w/ Baleflamer
Raptors 8x  Melta, Mark of Khorne, Veterans of the Long War
Heavy Support:
Land Raider w/Dirge Caster
Obliterators x3, Mark of Nurgle, Veterans of the Long War
Havocs x8 4x Autocannons, Icon of Vengeance, Veterans of the Long War

Primary Contigent
Possessed x5 w/ Mark of Nurgle
Plauge Zombies x30
Plague Marines x6 w/ 2x Plasma
            -Rhion w/ Havoc Launcher, Warpflame Gargoyles
Fast Attack:
Spawn x5 w/ Mark of NUrgle 

Allied Contingent
Bloodthirster w/ exalted reward, greater reward
Blood Letters x10 w/ Bloodreaper, greater reward
Horros x10
Fast Attack:
Flesh Houunds x13
Heavy Support:
Soul Grinder w/ Mark of NUrgle, Phlegm Cannon

                                                                      Forces of Order:

Golden Eagle:
Ordo Malleus Inquitor w/ Force Weapon, Power Armour, Roll on Divination
Grey Knight Purifiers x10  Keeper of the Flame, 2x Incinerators, 2x Psycannons, 4x Helberds, 2x Daemon Hammers
Inquisitorial Henchmen.  2x Crusaders, 5x Psykers, 5x Warriors w/3x Pasma
Grey Knight Terminators x10.  w/ 2x Psycannon, Psybolt Ammunition, Warding Stave
Grey Knight Terminators x6  w/Psycannon
Grey Knight Strike Squad 10x. w/ 2x Psycannons
Fast Attack:
Storm Raven w/ Lascannon, Multi-Melta
Heavy Support:
Dreadknight w/Heavy Incinerator
Dreadknight w/Heavy Incinerator, Great Sword

Ironclad Dreadnought w/Seismic Hammer, Melta, Heavy Flamer
Assault Terminators x10, 6x TH/SS, 4xLC
Tactical Squad x10, PowerAxe, Combi-Plasma, Plasma, Plasma Cannon
Tactical Squad x10, Powerfist, Melta, Multi-Melta
Tactical Squad x10, Combi-Flamer, Flamer, Missile Laucher
          -Razorback w/TLHB
Fast Attack:
Stormtalon w/TLLC
Stormtalon w/TLLC
Heavy Support:
Contemptor Dreadnought w/2x Kherses Cannons, Cyclone Missile Launcher

With the terrain set and the objectives places all four roll off and we add up the dice.  Grubnards and hyv3mynd get an eight to GoldenEagle’s and my 7.  The two devious lords of ruin discuss and decide to go 2nd with it being an objective game, a decision they would soon regret! Cue maniacal laughter. 

The Battlefield prior to deployment

Paul and I have an objective on our side of the table, on a piece of area terrain that will be counted as mysterious woods or jungle.  We deploy a combat squad of Crimson Fists with a missile launcher, my Thunderfire Cannon, as well as Paul’s henchmen squad.  To the left of the hill I deploy Lysander and the 10 Assault Terminators to help anchor our extreme left flank.  In the center of the board Paul and I decided to form an Iron fist in the form of both Dreadknights, the Contemptor Dreadnought, the Ironclad Dreadnought, and the 10 man Grey Knight terminator squad.  On the right flank we deploy the 6 man GKT squad, the Psycannon combat squad of Purifiers, as well as my 10 man Tactical plasma squad.   Paul’s GKSS is strung out behind the entire deployment to create a warpquake zone around our deployment.  I hold my Razorback and it’s combat squad, as well as my Rhino squad in reserve with my two storm talons, and Paul has his Stormraven with the other purifiers inside.

Imperial Deployment

\Aaron and Kevin begin their deployment phase by deploying Typhus and his zombies in the center behind a piece of terrain.  The Land Raider and plague marines are deployed to the left of Typhus  (from Paul and I’s point of view) with support from the Maulerfiend and the Havocs to the extreme left.  Aaron and Kevin contribute more force to the right flank than Paul and I did by deploying the Soulgrinder, 10 CSM’s and a Rhino full of CSM to that side.  Aaron also deploys his Bloodthirster to that side in the hopes of rolling Paul and I’d right flank (not going to lie, my butt was punkering after I saw this).   Finally Aaron’s fleshhounds deploy directly across from my 10 man Tactical squad and scout move up to with assault distance.

Chaos Deployment

Prior to the beginning of the game both sides roll for their mysterious terrain and gain Iron Bark, granting +1 to the cover save of units within that terrain.

Additionally, nightfight is effect for the first turn.

Top of Turn 1
The Imperial line pushes forward in a general advance.  Lysander and his squad moves up the far left and our iron fist moves up the center.

The Imperial shooting phase really kicks off the game for us with my combat squad’s missile launcher drawing a bead on Aaron’s maulerfiend.  After hitting and penetrating the beast Aaron rolls a 2 on his 3+ cover save and I roll a 6 for penetration!  The beast is killed and First Blood goes to the Imperials!    

Kevin’s GKT squads, Purifier Squad, and my Tactical squad open up on the Fleshhounds and fell 9 of the daemonic spawn.

 Our first round of shooting ends with my TFC killing 4 of Kevin’s Havoc’s on the left flank.

The Maulerfiend is no more, the ancient tree is hide behind offering no cover

Bottom of Turn 1

Chaos advances their Land Raider and disembarks the Possessed Marines, ready for a first turn assault on the Assault Terminators.  The Spawn also move forward ready to help in the assault.  Aaron's Bloodthirster flies to our far right flank (I'm starting to get worried about it's 3+ re-rollable invul. save)
Chaos prepares to assault Lysander and his squad.

Chaos shooting sees the Obliterators immobilize the Ironclad Dreadnought near the center objective while the Soulgrinder kills 4 of the Plasma Tactical squad after they fail 4 gone to ground cover saves. 

Ironclad is immobilized near the objective

The Havoc squads opens fire on the TFC and puts one wound on the artillery piece.  Typhus casts a psychic power on Lysander's squad Gift of Contagion that reduces their attacks by 1.

The possessed charge the Assault Terminators but the Spawn fail their charge distance.  The ensuing combat sees the Possessed lose 5 of their number compared to 4 Terminators and the Champion and Terminator Sgt locked in a challenge.

Terminators and Possessed in Combat

End of Turn 1 Score:
Imperium: 4
Chaos: 2

Top of Turn 2
Paul and I roll for our reserves and get a Stormtalon, Razorback squad, and the Stormraven on the board.  The Stormtalon comes on from the left side of our edge and angles to get a shot on the Bloodthirster, while the Stormraven comes on behind the Bloodthirster.  The Razorback comes on the far right flank to begin engaging Chaos forces on that side of the table.

The Dreadknights and the large GKT squad advance towards the middle of the table with support from the Contemptor. The GKSS casts warp quake in anticipation for Aaron's daemon allies. The rest of the army is either engaged in close combat, pinned, or remaining stationary to fire for full effect.

Iron Fist advances

Imperial shooting sees the TFC kill all four Autocannons in the Havoc squad, leaving only the champion left.  Paul's small GKT squad opens fire and kills the remaining Fleshhounds.

 The Stormraven and Talon cause 4 wounds on the Bloodthirster but with a 3+ re-rollable invulnerable save we fail to get through on the flying beast.

In assault, Lysander and his squad finish off the possessed marines, but the Champion and Sgt fail to hurt one another (a slap fight you'll see continue over the next few rounds).

 Both Dreadknights declare assaults on the Spawn, but the Greatsword fails his distance roll.   The ensuring combat sees one wound put onto the Dreadknight and 1 of the spawn fall to force weapon activation.

Dreadknight Assault

Bottom of Turn 2
Aaron and Kevin roll for reserves and receive only their Terminators and Horrors (Huzzah the Drake isn't on yet!).  Aaron's horror's land just outside of the warpquake bubble ready to engage the TFC while Kevin's (in oh so Kevin fashion) deviate into the warp quake.  He rolls a 3 and I place his Terminators in the far right corner of the board.

Kevin's Khorne Lord and Raptors move toward the small GKT squad and we see a general chaos advance.  The Bloodthirster (having failed his gift roll and therefore only having a 6+ invul) stays in the air and vector strikes the Talon causing one glance.  He lashes the Talon as well but I jink out of the way.

Bloodthirster in our lines

The horror squad rolls snake eyes for their psychic test and blows up one of their number.  The rest fire on the TFC (hoping to down the artillery wreaking havoc on their lines...pardon the pun) but whiff.

 Aaron's Soulgrinder uses it's Harvester cannon on the Stormtalon and pens but I jink again!  The Obliterators kill one GKT from the large squad. 

The final shooting sees the Landraider put a sole wound on the Greatsword Dreadknight and the Plague Marines fail to cause any damage with their plasma.

Aaron's Bloodletters assault into Lysander's squad, his possessed assault the Dreadknight locked with the spawn, and Kevin's Raptors assault the small GKT squad.  The challenge between the possessed and terminator Sgt continues to be a slap fight as we both whiff.  The Bloodletters fail to inflict any damage to Lysanders squad and lose 4.

The Raptors Champion and the Justicar kill one another in a challenge, and 4 additional GKT are cut down compared to 3 Raptors. The  GKT's break but are caught by the Raptors and the combat locks.   


The Dreadknight kills 2 more Spawn and takes another wound.

End of Turn 2 Score:
Imperium: 4
Chaos: 2

Top of Turn 3:
The 2nd Stormtalon comes on and angles for the Bloodthirster.  The Rhino squad is still in reserve.

The Stormraven chases the Bloodthirster and the damaged Stormtalon moves to intercept the Soulgrinder on the right flank.  The Razorback moves to take advantage of cover behind a hill but otherwise no other movement along the Imperial line.

Paul and I know this is the turn to kill the Bloodthirster, it only has a 6+ invul. save so we decide to pour everything we can into it.   Due to mysterious objectives Pauls GKSS has Skyfire and he lights into the BT, downing it and causing 2 wounds.  The Stormraven and the newly arrives Stormtalon pour more fire into it and succeed in destroying the Avatar of Khorne (my butt unpuckers).

Boom goes the Land Raider

The Horrors arrived in a nice big clump and the TFC fires on them.  I roll a direct hit for all four shots (for 32 hits) and cause 24 wounds.  The Horror squad is annihilated.  The remaining Imperial fire (the Contemptor, Ironclad, and large GKT squad) all fire into the Obliterators killing all but one wound.

This turn's assault is big score wise.   Paul launches his small combat squad Purifiers into the combat with the Raptors.  I remind Paul NOT to use cleansing flame so we can get a shot at force weapon killing the Lord (much to the look of SHUT UP from Kevin).  The Keeper of the Flame challenges the Khorne Lord and causes two wounds with the helberd.... one gets through and force weapon is activated!  HUZZAH!  5 points go to the Imperium for killing the Chaos Relic.

Lysanders squad continues to cut down Bloodletters and kills 3 more of the foul beasts.  Kevin and I's champions are still slapping one another and the combat continues AGAIN!

The Dreadknight in combat kills the remaining Spawn and stays locked in combat with the Possessed, while the Dreadknight with Greatsword assaults and destroys the Chaos Land Raider.

Assault across all fronts

Bottom of Turn 3:
The Heldrake finally makes its appearance as it screams onto the board directly for the GKSS.  As it does so it Vector Strikes the Contemptor and causes 1 hull point on the Imperial Relic.

Typhus casts Gift of Contagion on the Dreadknight locked in combat and causes it to lose one of its attacks.

The Heldrake flames 3 of Paul's GKSS and 1 of his Henchmen while the Soulgrinder advances towards the Purifiers and remainder of the small GKT squad, killing 2 Purifiers with it's Phlegm Cannon.

The Imperium faces the fire of the Soulgrinder

Kevin uses a Multi-Melta from the remaining Obliterator on the Contemptor and hits!   He rolls to pen...and SNAKE EYES! NO PEN!


In the assault phaseTyphus decides he has seen enough and assaults the Dreadknight without a Greatsword along with his Zombies.  Typhus challenges the Dreadknight and brings the construct crashing down as he casues a wound and force weapons the pilot.

Typhus assaults

The Terminator Sgt finally smashes the Possessed Champion aside and the final Bloodletters are killed.  Lysander and the remaining 6 Assault Terminators are free and move 6 inches toward the center of the board.....Lysander is eager to bring Typhus to account for his treachery and crimes against the Emperor. 

End of Turn 3 score:
Imperium: 9
Chaos: 0

Top of Turn 4
The final Crimson Fist Rhino roars onto the table edge and guns directly toward the far right objective with the Razorback breaking cover in support.

Lysanders squad advances toward the melee in the center of the board waiting for their time to assault.

Battle for the center

Paul's Stormraven screams over the battlefield to get behind the Chaos line.

The combat squad with the missile launcher on the left flank breaks cover and advances toward the objective on the left side.  As they advance they fire at the sole Havoc alive and sends the traitor screaming to hell.

Last turn Kevin had disembarked an entire CSM squad form a rhino to fire at the large GKT squad but failed to cause any damage.  That sweet clump is targetted by the TFC and it scores 21 hits, 18 wounds, and killing 8 of the traitors.

The Contemptor pivots on it's axis and opens fire on the Heldrake.  It had not moved this turn and therefore gained Skyfire.  It strips all three hullpoints off the flying abomination, but causes it to scatter onto the large GKT squad, killing 1.

The damaged Stormtalon draws a bead on Aaron's Soulgrinder and immobilizes it with a TLLC shot, but fails to kill it.

The Henchmen and Dreadknight w/ Sword kill a total of 9 zombies and 1 Plague Marine with their combined fire, and Pauls GKSS finishes off the remaining Obliterator.

Lysander and his squad assault Aaron's possessed and wipes the unit out with only a single loss.

The Imperium prepares to assault

The remaining GKT from the small squad assault the Soulgrinder but fail their HH roll killing the Helberd.  The Daemon Hammer whiffs and the two are locked into combat.

Bottom of Turn 4:
Aaron attempts to tank shock Lysander's unit with his remaining Rhino but it is immobilized as a TH/SS terminator is successful with a Death or Glory attempt.

Lysander wipes out the possessed

The Zombies shuffle forward onto the center objective and Kevin's remaining Rhino advances, killing three Tactical Marines from the Plasma squad with it's Havoc launcher.

Kevin's Terminators finally get to use their combi-meltas and wreck the Razorback on the far right flank. The damage is done however as the escaping marines disembark and claim the right objective.

Kevin bingo's my Razorback

Typhus and his zombies assault the large GKT squad that has anchored the Imperial center.  Overwatch firing sees 7 hits but only 1 of the zombies fall.  The ensuing combat sees 3 GKT's fall with only 3 zombies falling in response.   To the right of that combat the Soulgrinder kills the last of the small GKT squad.

Zombie Attack

End of Turn 4 Score:
Imperium: 12
Chaos: 0

Top of Turn 5:
Lysander and his squad finally have a clear shot toward Typhus and his zombies and advance, eager to assault.

The Rhino squad advances onto the far right objective and disembark placing the far right objective firmly in the hands of the Imperium.

"This is Sgt. Ixion, the right is secured"

The Greatsword Dreadknight advances toward the Plague Marines, while the Stormraven goes into hovermode and disembarks the duel Incinerator purifiers.

The undamaged Stormtalon, Contemptor, and Purifiers kill the last of Aaron's possessed marines near the center of the table, while the Purifiers with the Psycannon on the right flank bring down the Souldgrinder.

Lysander and his squad slam into the zombies.  Lysanders issues a challenge but Typhus throws the Zombie champion at him. 7 more zombies fall to the combined Crimson Fist and Grey Knight terminator squads but Typhus butchers the last of the GKTs.  The combat is a lock.


Bottom of 5:
With no movement left Aaron attempts to cast Gift of Contagion on Lysander but the Son of Dorn rolls a 6 for the deny the witch.

Kevin's terminators on the right assault the small combat squad near the far right objective and kill one of them with no wounds in return.  The two squads are locked in combat.

In the assault phase Typhus finally issues a challenge to Lysander and the two engage.  Much to Aaron's dismay he rolls a 1 for his Daemon weapon and even wounds himself.  Lysander whiffs and the two slap fight one another.   The Terminators kill all but two of the remaining Zombies.

Slap fight

By this point in the game it is clear that Paul and I have won.  We've managed to kill so much of Aaron and Kevin's armies they decide to call it instead of roll to see if it keeps going.   It was a hell of a game and just tons of fun!

The end result.

Final Score:
Imperium: 14 (3 objectives, Relic, First Blood, Linebreaker)
Chaos: 0

I cannot wait for another game like this.  Between playing with good friends, 4 great looking armies and terrain, the beer tasting (I busted out my 2011 bottle of Dogfish Head Bitches Brew) and the hilarity of dice rolls I had more fun in this game of 40k than I have in awhile.

Thanks for reading the Battle Report and I hope you enjoy it.  It's by far the longest one I've ever written so I apologize for any grammar or format issues you find.  I'll be sure to get the process more polished the more I do it!


  1. Great report overall - sounds like an awesome game. Now the obligatroy rules comments and questions!

    -The Bloodthirster cannot use a Grimoire of True Names (the exalted gift) on itself. The rules actually specify the bearer of the Grimoire is unaffected. Also, did Aaron take its 3+ armor save against wounds or did you guys just throw too many on it for it to survive.

    -In the Posessed Champ/Terminator Sgt challenge did you consider a Miraculous Intervention so that Lysander could smash apart the sgt, rather than having to sit on the sidelines?

    I am surprised the Bloodthirster was not in CC Turn 2 - GK force weapons are brutal but they do hit on 5's, wound on 6's and then require a force weapon activation to take him down. In the meantime, the Thirster throws down 7 attacks on the charge at WS 10, s6 and can really decimate depleted squads.

    1. TBH I missed the part about the grimoire. Only had the digital codex a couple weeks and it's a pain to sift through mid game. Good to know tho. I took my 3+'s but failed enough to die from the volleys.

      Don't underestimate GK's in the face of daemons. PE gives them rerolled 1's to hit and wound. Paul had terminators and purifiers on our left, terminators and strikes in the middle, and Andy had his 10 assault terminators on the right. I probably could have landed and assaulted on the left, but figured I'd be trading a 300pt model for a 200pt unit at best.

      Also, in 11 months of 6th ed, I've never even heard or seen a miraculous intervention. Guess I glazed over that section altogether.

  2. Yowza! That was just as painful to read as play!

    Losing the mauler fiend on turn one during night fight was a bad omen for us. They had plenty of 2+ saves and lots of shooting that really was hard for us to get ahead in the game. My partner did well with what he had but my dice abandoned my from the get go. Even my scatter die did not want to cooperate.

    In the end it was still a fun game and like Andy said, just getting out with 4 friends and playing large scale games with knock out terrain and fully painted armies is truely what matters.

  3. looks like a ton of fun......I have been playing with typhus and zombies myself lately and it seems people love playing against them win or lose.