Sunday, March 31, 2013

Crimthaan's Crimson Fists pt. 1 - The Beginning

How does an army begin?  Some of us that love this hobby collect an army because of it's ability to dominate on the table top, some of us collect an army because we fall in love with the fluff behind that army, and finally some of us collect an army simply because it looks cool.   The later, with a combination of the former, is where my Crimson Fists collection began.

Honestly my first army in the world of Warhammer 40k was an Ultramarines army that I began when I was in 7th grade.  I remember buying the 2nd edition codex and the 3rd edition box set and just instantly falling in love with Space Marines and their fluff.  Although I distinctly remember wanting to paint Blood Angels I had picked up the Ultramarine Codex (what did I know) so I started diligently collecting the blue smurfs for the next few years.  Unfortunately (or fortunately considering my earliest painting) my house burned down in January of 2001 and all I could find of my fully painted 2k point colleciton was a fused disk of plastic and pewter.   With all that hard work down the drain I swore off collecting again and only read the Black Library novels.

When 5th Edition began I was still not collecting 40k (though I was playing BFG) much to the chagrin to my friends.  They played Orks and Space Wolves and constantly tried to get me to collect again, but after my earlier loss I refused.  That was until I saw the Pedro Kantor model.   For some reason his pose and the color scheme of the Crimson Fists just ensnared me.  I picked him up and instantly went home and painted him.  How little did I know that painting that one model would mark the beginning of not only an army, but a collection.

Next week I'll dive into the HQ's that I have for my Crimson Fists.  Over the next few weeks I'll share the make up of each one of the Force Organizations in my collection.  Until next time I'll leave you with a full army picture as a preview of the coming weeks.


  1. Wow I do not think I have ever seen your whole collection lined up before - that is an impressive looking force. It is very nice to have the flexibility to bring the units you want already painted on demand too.

  2. Thanks!

    The sad part is I have probably another 2000 points worth of stuff to paint for it.... Tactical Terminators, Bikes, 20 more scouts, more Sternguard....and a whole Legion of the Damned squad.

    Here's a question I'll pose though....I've really been thinking about selling my Rhino's and Razorbacks because I was never really happy with the paint job and I want to add FW doors. Thoughts?

    1. Along those lines, do the fists have an insignia that can go on the front of the Rhinos?

  3. Wow! That is quite the army! Nice work on painting all of that!